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               Schizo-Poetry - Fragments of Mind


              A Collection of Poetry by visual artist Susanne Wawra

and composer/singer Kevin Nolan.


In this book two poets contribute fifteen poets each. The word 'schizo' means 'split' and this is realised in poem pairs with the same title that split each individual topic into two perspectives.


Starting point for each poem is a colour, from which the poets write into their own direction. The resulting two interpretations are presented aside each other in this book. These poems reach from light to dark, bliss to despair, humour to sincerity. They are brimming with sensations, emotions and sentiment in their exploration of life, feeling and meaning. While each individual poem tells a story and provides us with a fragment of mind, it is the juxtaposition of both renditions that takes on an own dynamic. It is an invitation to compare, combine and construct a greater layer of connotation, interpretation and significance.


The first poem in each set is written by Susanne Wawra and the second by Kevin Nolan and the first letter of each poem title spells out 'Fragments Of Mind'. For this collection, the foreword was written by Patrick Deely and an introduction by John Saunders.


Schizo-Poetry is published with Shine Arts.

“Their poems are rich with imagery, sensuality, memory, and philosophy. The work is imaginative, thoughtful, and worth reading over and over again.”  - Poet Hound

“This book is based on an exciting concept that may pave the way for many other Irish books of its kind. Its unique style asks a question of its reader and is well worth the read.” - M Magazine


If you like, we will sign your copy for you. Please let us know in the PayPal comments or via email if you want it made out to a name.




Order the book here:

(A) Within Ireland:

Schizo-Poetry Book         €10 

+ Packaging & Postage    €1


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(B)  Outside Ireland:

Schizo-Poetry Book         €10 

+ Packaging & Postage    €2


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