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I want to solidify my memories.

- But how do you make a memory?


My work draws from life itself. I gather and generate photographic images from my own experience, I act as tourist in my own life, a historicist of my being in this world. The imagery is informed by my perception, interests and viewpoints: places I've been, things I've seen, people I've met; things I remember and things I don’t. The photographs offer snapshots of my subjective experience, my memories.


My work does not start from nothing, I do not begin at a blank canvas. My practice initiates from found and everyday materials such as patterned curtain fabric, wood or newspaper. The surface is already alive, hence there is no beginning or birth to the picture, instead it is all an additive process.


In my recent paintings, I employ a mix of different media, processes and layers to create a collaged composition. These works marry printing and painting and draw from photographic imagery and commercial textile design. I bring everyday life into the work by combining everyday with art materials.


The images are combined into a compositional form on the fabric. The work is intuitive and process driven, I approach the canvas without a plan of what comprises the collage and where images are placed. The intention is to keep the work open and alive by allowing spontaneity, momentum and chance.


This improvisational tone is reflected in my handling of paint. I enter into a collaborative relationship with the material, it is a back and forth between us. This is a visceral process in which I interpret and respond to the piece at every stage of its progression. This constant dialogue allows for the creation of something that hovers between real and imagined; a memory.

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